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www.usairwaysmastercard.com : US Airways has their own Visa credit cards. There are two separate cards, each with distinct benefits and advantages. These are offered on usairwaysmastercard.com and offer specific benefits for those who fly with US Airways often.

The US Airways World MasterCard is the lower version of the two cards. For every dollar spend on it, the cardholder will receive one free mile of flying time. New cardholders can now score big by obtaining 5000 bonus miles with their first use, and an additional 5000 miles after spending over a certain amount.

Many are interested in balance transfers, and if you transfer to this card, you can be eligible to receive an additional 10,000 flying miles. These benefits alone can add up to significant savings for those who fly often or long distances.

The Premier World MasterCard version is really the elite version of the card. While this card does have an annual fee associated with its use, it has many additional perks. One can receive 12.500 after using the card for the first time, and an additional 12,500 after spending a certain amount.

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These cardholders are also eligible for the 10,000 bonus miles with any transfer. But one can also receive benefits such as zone two boarding, 10,000 preferred status miles, first class check ins, and complimentary tickets.

Those who are very frequent flyers of this carrier should definitely consider the Premier version of this card. While there is an annual fee, this is the only significant difference for the user, and the value of the benefits far outweigh this fee if you will use them.

Benefit of US Airways Mastercard

  • Get a low introductory APR for 6 months on balance transfers1
  • No Annual Fee1
  • No annual mileage cap2
  • Redeem your miles for flights to 842 destinations worldwide2
  • Choice of Heritage Plane Card Designs

There are hundreds of credit cards on the market, offering something for everyone. It seems that most people have a need to fly, and using a card such as the US Airways MasterCard can make this method of transportation affordable and manageable.
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